Kale chips with cheese and spices

Ingredients (2 people)


  • Kale 200g
  • Payoyo cheese 25g


  • Harissa 2 turns from the grinder
  • Mezcla de pimientas 4 turns from the grinder
  • Salt to taste
Difficulty: Easy
Preparation time: 10 min.


  • Wash the kale in plenty of water, cut into pieces about 5 cm wide and remove the central part of each leaf.
  • Heat some oil to about 190°C and fry the drained kale leaves, taking care not to overcook as they can become bitter. Cover the pan while frying, due to the high water content of kale.
  • Once fried, drain well and place on kitchen paper to remove excess oil.


  1. Then add the salt, pepper, harissa and grated cheese.


  1. Mix everything together and you're ready to enjoy.