Primaflor was founded in the 1970s by a group of people who shared the dream of starting a business on their lands on the shores of the Mediterranean. Caring for natural resources (sun, land and water), business development and the enrichment of their community were their key motivations.

A family-run business, originally engaged in the production of flowers, forty years later we still meticulously nurture all the vegetables we grow, passionately caring for them from the seed, as if they were one-of-a-kind.

Innovation and continuous improvement have always been the company’s main driving forces. Our goal is based on providing fresh foods that add flavour to the Mediterranean diet, helping people from more than twenty-five countries enjoy a healthy, active and wholesome life.

History History History

The seedling

The Peregrín brothers (Cecilio and Antonio) and Lorenzo Belmonte founded Primaflor in Pulpí (Almería). The company was initially involved in the production and sale of flowers, hence the Spanish word ‘flor’ in its name.

From flowers to vegetables

With distribution and customer networks established across Europe, the company started producing vegetables. Lettuce hearts (Little Gem) and iceberg lettuce were the pioneers. These products were compatible with the transport of flowers.

The growth of Primaflor

The company modified its operational structure by rolling out supply programmes for distribution chains in Spain and the rest of Europe. Production was introduced for the fifty-two weeks of the year, growing crops on farms at different altitudes while adapting to and respecting natural growth.

The Pulpí facilities were getting too small, so an extension was opened in 1997.

From agricultural producer to agri-food firm

The company is remodelled, creating a difference between domestic sales and international sales. A plant specialised in ready-to-use peeled garlic is built.

Innovation processes continue and a prepared salad plant is opened in Canalejas (Cuevas de Almanzora) in 2005, which now has an output of 18,000 tons per year.

Primaflor embarks upon its expansion process and soon becomes the largest supplier of vegetables in Spain.

Salads, an expanding business

Primaflor buys all the shares of Ensaladas Verdes, a prepared salad factory located in the province of León. This acquisition is key for the supply of prepared salads in northern Spain and Portugal.

We revamp our image, Mimaflor is born

The company’s greatest attraction is to meet the demand for dietary health through fresh and easy-to-prepare products, to make life more comfortable and healthier for consumers; always in an environmentally-friendly way in order to ensure a sustainable future. For all this and respecting the origins: “MIMAR la FLOR” [“PAMPER the FLOWER”], a new commercial brand is born: Mimaflor, fully linked to one of the fundamental pillars of the company, our care for the consumer.

Primaflor, growing day by day

Today, the company has more than 2,500 employees. It has a cultivated area of more than 6,000 hectares, located in Almería, Albacete, Granada and Murcia, and thanks to the different climates found there, the ongoing quality of produce is guaranteed for fifty-two weeks of the year.

The company’s products are found in markets across Europe, the Persian Gulf and Canada.

Food Safety

Primaflor advocates health and the environment as a right for everyone, as well as future generations. The company’s priority is to provide a variety of products that meet all legal requirements for food safety, complying with the most stringent quality standards and following a sustainable production model.

Throughout the production process, we carry out internal, external and customer audits in order to analyse all the factors that play a role in the production phase, i.e. land, irrigation water, product and use of processed water for salads, evaluating the degree of compliance with our high quality standards, together with the efficiency and sustainability of all processes.

Continuous improvement processes, following the lean methodology by integrating the entire production chain, from the operational base to middle management and senior management.

Continuous improvement processes, following the lean methodology by integrating our engineering, innovation, production and maintenance teams.

We implement a very robust food defence system throughout the entire food production chain by applying the latest international food safety standards and measures for the protection of food and products for human consumption against deliberate and intentional contamination.

Continuous improvement process of the quality management system, following the PDCA method. This means we can enhance all internal processes and procedures to direct our production model towards a model of excellence based on the EFQM model.

Primaflor has a sustainable end-to-end production process, integrating the concepts of circular economy, energy efficiency and resource reduction, among other aspects.

The comprehensive food safety programme, based on high quality and sustainability standards, is widely recognised in our industry, as well as in the food industry in general, as an international benchmark.

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