Primaflor Foundation

This is a non-profit organisation, launched in 2019 to carry out outreach projects of general interest, preferably for Primaflor employees and their family members.

Purpose of the Foundation

Social welfare

The provision and promotion of social welfare services, preferably for past and present employees of Primaflor Group companies and their families, including the launch of centres for childcare, work-life balance and lifestyle enhancement.

Social economy

Cooperation for the promotion of the social economy and constitutional values.

Child and youth care

The provision and promotion of welfare for children, young people, people at risk of social exclusion, people with disabilities and the elderly in the province of Almería, preferably in the town of Pulpí, by providing educational, cultural and educational activities, sporting opportunities, healthcare or any other type of care to improve living conditions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Fostering Corporate Social Responsibility within Primaflor Group companies.

Corporate volunteering

Fostering corporate volunteering within and outside the Primaflor Group, offering all participants the necessary resources for these activities to be useful and have a positive effect on society.

Social action programmes

Develop in-house and third-party social action programmes carried out by non-profit organisations. Taking part in projects with public or private organisations that have compatible goals.

Contact our Foundation

    Phone: (+34) 950 464 011
    Address: Avenida Cecilio Peregrín, 2. 04640 Pulpí (Almería), Spain.