Primaflor's Eight Principles

Corporate Social Responsibility

In line with our business strategy, we place Corporate Social Responsibility at the core of our business culture.

We understand social commitment and environmental and economic sustainability as an opportunity for commitment to the future.

Here at Primaflor we actively develop the UN’s seventeen 17 Sustainable Development Goals, promoting and giving special importance to four of them:

Good health and well-being

Affordable and clean energy

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Responsible consumption and production

We apply fair practices in the field of human and labour rights, as well as in the field of the environment and the fight against corruption, as defined by the United Nations Global Compact and the International Labour Organization.

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Primaflor's essence is the respect for nature and the need to return to society part of what it gives us. This is why we apply fair practices in human and labour rights, making every effort to reduce the environmental impact of our activity on water, energy, flora and fauna, waste and packaging.
  • Water

    The year 2004 saw the arrival of the water that revolutionised the economy of the Almanzora Valley: the Negratín interbasin transfer.

    The Pulpí Irrigation Community is firmly committed to sustainability thanks to the diversity of water sources in the area: rainwater and the Tajo-Segura and Negratín-Almanzora interbasin transfers.

    Cutting-edge infrastructures to allow for pressurised irrigation across the irrigable area.

  • Irrigation systems optimised for water saving

    Buried localised drip tape: This system means that plants receive the water they are capable of absorbing, directly from the roots, avoiding runoff and excess evaporation.

    Hydroponics: This system collects and recycles all the water and nutrients that the plants do not consume.

    This reduces water consumption by up to 50% and fertiliser use by 20%, resulting in a more sustainable crop. What’s more, as the plant has no contact with the soil, the end product is cleaner.

    Cultivation of baby leaves in a technological greenhouse: An automated smart system that controls all the traceability of the production chain. It is a closed circuit capable of recycling and reusing water, reducing consumption by up to 60%, maintaining continuous production in the same physical space for all fifty-two weeks of the year.

  • Circular economy

    · We work with our suppliers towards optimising the use of materials and waste, thereby lengthening their useful life.

    · Data applied to waste management and energy efficiency.

    · Electric fleet of farm vehicles since 2019.


  • Reduction and rationalisation of the use of resources

    · We are working towards the goals of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), measuring 100% of our farms.

    · In 2019, Primaflor replaced the use of 262 tons of plastic for recycled and recyclable PET. We are still researching this field.


Our R&D policy is Primaflor’s commitment to guaranteeing the quality of all products. Primaflor is currently testing more than 200 crop varieties and is constantly working with leading universities to guarantee healthy products.

Projects underway
– Reinwaste Project “Zero Inorganic Waste solutions for the agri-food sector”.
– AINIA Working Group: “Strategic Outlook, Plastic Packaging and Circular Economy”, H2030 EU.


Our team of technicians is carrying out a study with AINIA to reuse the water used in the salad processing plant to irrigate our crops.


Our team of agronomists is conducting ozone trials. A natural disinfectant that leaves no type of chemical residue on the facility or in the food product.


After Primaflor salads have passed through the cutting, washing and drying process, they are packed in breathable bags specially designed to guarantee maximum freshness without using preservatives.

Primaflor Foundation

This is a non-profit organisation, launched in 2019 to carry out outreach projects of general interest, preferably for Primaflor employees and their family members.

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