Five national titles!

This has been the XCO National Championships weekend in half the world with the outcome of five individual titles for our team’s bikers. Raiza Goulao (Brazil), Catriel Soto (Argentina), Joana Monteiro (Portugal) and the Spanish Josep Durán (U-23) y Miriam Palacios (junior) have worn the pertinent  jerseys that distinguish them as national champions of their countries.

Regarding the Spanish Championships, Josep Durán and Miriam Palacios were the big names of the weekend for PMRA Racing Team. Both of them achieved the title in their respective categories with ease. Besides, Durán added a gold and Palacios a bronze in Team Relay. Among the rest of races, Carlos Coloma’s third position stands out even though a problem in the first lap stopped him from fighting for the victory against MMR who got the 1st and 2nd with David Valero and Pablo Rodriguez. Furthermore, María Rodríguezwas 3rd in U-23 and David Campos confirmed his progression in junior with a remarkable second position just after the big favorite Jofre Cullell.

Josep DuránI tried to follow my own pace for the whole race. At the beginning I struggle a bit but by the end of the first lap I was head of the race. The most important thing was to keep that pace until the end. I had a flat wheel getting through the rock garden zone but we mended it real quick and I was able to take the lead back. This victory leaves a really good feeling for the next goals. I want to dedicate this to my family, regional federation and, of course, my team Primaflor-Mondraker-Rotor Racing Team. 

Carlos ColomaThe level in Spain is really high. In the first lap another rider got me aimlessly  into the fence and I lost time until I fix my derailleur. It’s difficult enough without problems so let alone when you find complications. In the second lap I got closer but the pace set by Pablo and David was really fast, so I just restrained myself to keep the third position. Being on the podium is always great and even bronze is an important result for the team. 

Titles in Portugal, Brazil and Argentina.

Primaflor-Mondraker-Rotor has also got significant results internationally, beginning by the Portuguese race in Valongo where Joana Monteiro ratified the national jersey just 47 days after breaking her arm in an accident with a car. The Portuguese won with authority  meeting, this way, her major goal. In men’s, Mario Costa also stepped onto the podium although he had to content himself with a second positon.

In Domingo Martins (Brazil), Raiza Goulao fulfilled the predictions by repeating her title. She reached the finish line in a solo raising in the air her Mondraker which has accompanied her this season in every race. Finally, Catriel Soto has accomplished his seventh Argentinian title in a row (ninth in his career) in Catamarca.

Catriel SotoIt’s been madness. It’s the same circuit where I won the Pan-American last year, everybody wanted to congratulate me or have their picture taken with me. It’s a pleasure and an honor being the national champion one more year. Of course, I want to thank each and every one of the members of this great team who make their contribution for the team to work perfectly.

Brazil title

Brazil title

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